Johnny LordJohnny Lord

( Show Department Manager )

Having worked at CenterStaging for coming up on 15 years, Johnny has seen the company grow from 3 studios and a small group of employees to the premier television musical staging company in the United States. Johnny has taken the knowledge and experience from growing up in the business shadowing both Jan parent and Johnny Caswell on the biggest stages in television. Learning and honing the best techniques from both.

Johnny has received a primetime Emmy for band staging, as well as been fortunate to have been a part of the biggest shows in television music history, such as the 911tribute show, the Katrina special, and countless Grammy awards and met video music award shows. His personal reputation, and show knowledge is known and revered by the biggest in the business, as well as his good nature and comforting qualities can be accessed by his co workers and clients alike.

Johnny is proud to be a part of the CenterStaging-Soundcheck brand expanding and is excited about the future and countless shows to come.


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